Molds to thermoform trays and plates characteristics

Molds to thermoform trays and plates of the company Guidi Gabriele consist of a matrix and a punch which, once the working temperature is reached, allow the punched cardboard to take the desired shape.

They are made of materials that allow an infinite life cycle.

Molds are complete so they are ready for assembly with all kind of machines.

Initial study

finalized to the feasibility of both the project and the final production.

The materials used

for the molds realization are non-deformable steels or light aluminum alloys as needed.

Molds design

made by a powerful CAD-CAM software system.


are carried out by a vertical machining center and suitable first choice tools to get maximum precision.

Study and construction

of all the molds to thermoform trays and plates are finalized to assembly them on the machines of the company Guidi Gabriele.

The remarkable experience

however, allows Guidi Gabriele company to make molds suitable for processing with any machine currently on the market.

stampi per la termoformatura di vassoi e piatti

Food use trays molds

Steel molds construction for paper trays generally made of pure cellulose suitable for baking.

All components are design and assembly to get ready-to-use molds.

Possibility to have various shapes, sizes and depths.

vaschette di carta
molds for thermoforming trays and plates

Pastry trays molds

Construction of steel molds for cardboard trays for pastry or food use in general.

You can get tray molds of all shapes and sizes, with traditional design or new border design.

Construction of trays thermoforming molds to get “ala” plates in heavy cardboard.

In addition there is the possibility of having mold funds that can be removed quickly for any various tray customizations.

molds for thermoforming trays and plates

Disposable plates molds

Construction of steel or aluminum molds to thermoform disposable paper plates of all shapes and sizes.

Possibility to have profiles more or less worked or also smooth.

Construction of light aluminum alloy molds to combine lightness and maximum durability.


All molds are supplied complete with all the components and are ready to work with the machine of your choice.
Guidi Gabriele offers you maximum availability to meet your needs and ideas right from the project.
Assistance service available for any problems arising on the molds or during the production cycle.