Guidi Gabriele – projects molds and machines for trays and plates thermoforming

1  Idea

The experience gained over the years allows the company Guidi Gabriele – projects molds and machines for trays and plates thermoforming- to evaluate the real feasibility of each idea for a new product.

Guidi Gabriele company can also advise all possible improvements in order to obtain the best result about shape and cycle production.

2  Drawing

Your idea is transferred to paper to verify that all the measurements are correct and also note the previewed development size for the cost calculation of production.

3  Project

Realization of 3D rendering to preview a model as faithful as possible to your idea.

4  Mold

Realization of the complete mold with all the components ready to work with the machine of your choice.

5  Product

Finally packaging can be created to touch the result of your idea.

projects molds and presses for thermoforming

Evaluation of the idea

The idea is carefully evaluated to highlight problems that could emerge for example during the design phase or during production cycle.

Once the feasibility has been verified, the product is designed using a powerful CAD-CAM software and any changes or improvements are made.

Finally, with the confirmation of the result, we can start the design of the mold.

Production line implementation

The Guidi Gabriele company manufactures the entire packaging production line which includes the automatic thermoforming machines and the single or multiple molds needed.

Furthermore, thanks its availability and flexibility, you can modify and adapt both machines and molds to obtain the maximum production / cost ratio.

Post-sales assistance

The Guidi Gabriele company offers you a post-sales service to provide any useful advice in order to improve the result and the production cycle of the article to be made.

Technical support is always available to resolve any problems that may have emerged.