Guidi Gabriele – molds and machines for trays and paper plates thermoforming

Guidi Gabriele company was founded at the beginning of the nineties by the will of its founder Guidi Roberto and is specialized in the construction of molds and machines for trays and paper plates thermoforming for food use.

The quality of its molds and also the availability offered has allowed the company to create an excellent reputation over time in the paper converting sector.

Company Guidi Gabriele has always been updated over the years to provide its customers with excellent products

The activity is still continued nowadays by the owner and son of the founder Guidi Gabriele who inherited his father’s knowledge and can also boast over 20 years of experience.

Company Guidi Gabriele counts among its customers almost all paper converting companies present on the national territory to which it provides all the necessary technical support.

Furthermore the precision of its molds designed by CAD-CAM software and built with numerical control machines allows to obtain consequently a high level product true to the customer’s idea.

Finally the GR series automatic machines combine high productivity and low operating and management costs.

tray molds
rectangular tray mold
rectangular tray mold


Construction of molds of all shapes and sizes to thermoform trays for food use, cardboard trays and disposable paper plates
All molds are suitable for production on machines of the Guidi Gabriele company and on all the others currently on the market.

Thermoforming machines

Construction of automatic thermoforming machines that transform the die-cut paperboard into pastry trays or disposable paper plates already stacked and ready for packaging.
paper plates thermoforming press

The company Guidi Gabriele follows you from the idea to the final product

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