paper plates thermoforming press
paper plates thermoforming press

Trays and paper plates thermoforming machines of the company Guidi Gabriele work completely automatically and, starting from the blank, are able to generate compact stacks of finished products.

The thermoforming process begins with the positioning of the die-cut cartons in the special magazines of the machine.

Suction cups automatically take one carton at a time from one side of the machine while another carton is simultaneously pressed from the opposite side.

This process allows to obtain the maximum production speed.

Trays or plates produced are expelled from molds and stacked ready to be picked up by the operator.

Thermoforming machines technical features

The model GR T10 C90 is the smallest machine built by the company Guidi Gabriele and was designed above all to have high production speed combined with compact dimensions and low operating and management costs.

Its square-sized worktops and its light weight make it perfect to thermoform disposable plates in light cardboard where it achieves an excellent production / cost ratio.

This kind of machine has an intuitive and easy to use control panel for any operator that integrates a PLC to manage all parameters.

Moreover this machine has resistances incorporated in the hobs that permits to obtain lighter molds for easy assembly and disassembly which allows a quick model change.

Furthermore, the availability of the Guidi Gabriele company allows you to modify and complete all machines with all appropriate accessories.

The GR T25 C100 trays and plates thermoforming machines, despite their small size, offer high performance.

Their high structure and rigidity allow heavier processing and assembly up to 4 molds in total.

This kind of machines have rectangular planes, also heated by armored resistances

You can mount single molds for rectangular trays up to No. 9, but also double molds for rectangular trays up to No. 5.

Dimensions, a cross between the model GR T10 C90 and other larger and more demanding machines avaible on the market, is the perfect ones for medium sized single molds and small size double molds.

In conclusion, the GR T25 C100 machine offers an excellent production / cost ratio.

This model is also supplied with die-cut loaders and mechanical tray stackers but can be integrated with accessories that improve the processing cycle.

Press model GR T10 C90

frame:  non-deformable steel

work planes:  400 x 400 mm

strokes:  90 strokes/min (without pressing time)

pressure:  10t with 160 bar

cooling system:  integrated heat exchanger on the hydraulic control unit

electrical consumption: 12 Kw

weight:  1300 Kg

Press model GR T25 C100

frame:  non-deformable steel

work planes:  500 x 400 mm

strokes:  90 strokes/min (without pression time)

pressure:  20t with 200 bar

cooling system:  integrated heat exchanger on the hydraulic control unit

electrical consumption: 15 Kw

weight:  1600 Kg


All trays and paper plates thermoforming machines are supplied with die-cut carton loaders and mechanical stackers for a complete production cycle.
However you can complete them with conveyor belts and automatical ejection stackers for trays or plates produced.
Machines have a simple and intuitive control panel and therefore can be easily used by any operator.
Machines can draw cardboard of various weights to obtain various types of packaging.
They are compact and enclose whole machine components in a single block.
The Guidi Gabriele machines require little maintenance and have low operating costs.